Free sizes

For facilities that want to purchase clothing for all staff, we have prepared the so-called. sizes, i.e. sets of clothing in a wide range of sizes. The clothing is lent to the institutions free of charge, so that the staff can try on the clothing and give their size, guided by the subjective feeling when wearing it. Renting a size chart guarantees the staff’s satisfaction with the clothing purchased later.

Due to the huge interest in renting a size guide, it is worth asking about its availability today. For this purpose, please contact the Regional Sales Manager.

Properly fitted medical garments allow freedom of movement and provide comfort. There is no shortage of “one size” and “unisex” wardrobe on the market. However, such products cannot guarantee the right size.

Our company offers clothing in all sizes. If the standard size range (from 34 to 56 in women’s clothing or from 44 to 62 in men’s clothing) is not suitable for someone with non-standard measurements, we will tailor the clothing to their individually provided measurements.

We differentiate between women’s and men’s clothing and tailor them according to female and male patterns respectively.

Selecting garment sizes

The data in the SIZE TABLE are the measurements of the figure – not clothing. The finished clothing will be appropriately larger to allow freedom and comfort of movement. Remember that when specifying dimensions do not add any slack.

In order to correctly size the scrubs, measure yourself accurately at the body, with no extra slack, and then match the resulting measurements to the dimensions given in the SIZE TABLE. If this is not possible, we will sew scrubs in a non-standard size. If in doubt, please indicate on the order the dimensions of the body in centimeters.

Please provide the sizes obtained during the fitting process, known as “sizing,” or during selection from the size chart, in the order form.