Trousers 4037

timeless classic with a touch of extravagance

These trousers feature original inserts at the pockets, adding a touch of creativity to their classic appearance. Slight tapering at the legs and a high waist add a touch of sophistication and accentuating your figure. The front zipper and button closure make them easy to put on. Thanks to the elastic bands sewn into the sides, this model provides an impeccable fit that complements your silhouette. Two inset hip pockets allow for easy storage of small essentials within arm’s reach. Designed to suit all body types, this model is a perfect choice for every member of the medical team, ensuring a unified and professional image for your facility.

You can choose from a range of high-quality fabrics, including Rofinor, Charlotte, Teredo and Tiajo, all available in a wide range of sizes (including non-standard ones).